Character Creation

The Harry Potter Wizard Generator v1.0

Determine your Wizard’s traits. (Note: only 1 Rare item can be chosen per person. If one is not chosen, select a Second Special Strength)

Determine Personal Traits, Blood Classification, Patronus, Wands, Titles, Loyalties, Magic Affinities/Limitations and Special Strengths/Flaws.

Personal Traits: Select one of each.


Surname/Family Name:

Race and Magical Characteristic: Human, Human/Werewolf(rare), Human/Animagus Cat(rare), Human/Animagus Dog(rare), Human/Animagus Rat(rare), Half-Giant(rare), Animagus other (rare to very rare)

Sex: Female, Male

Eye Color: Pale Silver, Silvery Grey, Grey, Light Blue, Gooseberry, Blue, Deep Blue, Light Green, Hazel, Green, Deep Green, Light Brown, Brown, Dark Brown, Black, (*Variable-Linked(rare))

Hair Color: Bald, Grey, Sable, White, Blonde, Dirty Blonde, Ginger, Reddish Blonde, Red, Auburn, Sandy, Light Brown, Brown, Dark Brown, Black, (*Variable-Linked(rare))

Skin Color: Pale, White, Light, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Dark, (*Variable-Linked(rare))

*Variable-Linked: You can change your hair, eyes and skin tone at will to almost any shade. Note that sometimes these shades may change spontaneously due to Emotions as well.


Blood classification: Pick one> Pure-Blood, Half-Blood or Muggle-born

Patronus: Select a Patronus. (Note: If you selected an Animagus form the same form is your Patronus)
Almost any Animal, Non-Corporeal, Magical Beast (rare)

Wand Traits: Select 1 of each and a Length by 1/4inch increment. (May not select Elder)

Wand Base Wood: Ash, Blackthorn, Cherry, Chestnut, Elder (very rare), Elm, Hawthorn, Holly, Hornbeam, Mahogany, Oak, Rosewood, Vine, Walnut, Willow, Yew

Wand Core Material/Characteristic: Dragon Heartstring, Pheonix Feather, Thestral Tail Hair, Unicorn Hair, Swishy(good for Charms)(rare), Peacock Feather(rare), Veela hair(rare)

Wand Length: 9in-18in by ¼ increments.

Titles/Loyalties: Select a Title not in bold if you wish and any Loyalties not in bold to start.

Titles: Quidditch Commentator, Chaser, Beater, Keeper, Seeker, Prefect, Captain, Death Eater, Headmaster/mistress, Professor, Potion Master, Head of House, Herbologist, Auror, Triwizard Champion, Head Boy/Girl, Supreme Mugwump, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, Keeper of Keys and Grounds of Hogwarts

Loyalties: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry(Automatic), House (Your Hogwart’s House)(Automatic), Hogwart’s Quidditch Team (Your Hogwart’s House), (Family Surname) Family(Automatic), (Other Family Surname) Family

Presently Unavailable Loyalties: Dumbledore’s Army, The Quibbler, Dark Force Defense League, St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, Order of Merlin, Borgin and Burkes, Minitry of Magic, Slug Club, Death Eaters, Order of the Pheonix, Inquisitional Squad, Advance Guard, Leaky Cauldron, Society of the Promotion of Elfish Welfare, International Confederation of Wizards, The Marauders, Puddlemere United, S.P.E.W.

Magic Affinity/Limitations: Select 1 from each the following (Note: pick a different one for each)

Magical Affinities: Charms, Transfiguration, Conjuration, Offensive Spells, Defensive Spells, Magical Fauna and Flora, Magical Creation, Divination, Duelling Spells(rare), Dark Arts(rare)

Magical Limitations: Charms, Transfiguration, Conjuration, Offensive Spells, Defensive Spells, Magical Fauna and Flora, Magical Creation, Divination, Duelling Spells(rare), Dark Arts(rare)

Special Strengths/Flaws: Select 1 of each of the following.

Strengths: Strong, Great Memory, Puzzle-Solver, Gamer, Lucky, Broom-Rider, Fearless, Fast-Caster, Fast-Talker, Attractive, Charming

Flaws: Weak, Bad memory, Unlucky, Clumsy, Coward, Tongue-Twisted, Ugly, Short-Tempered, Prejudiced, Rash, Irritating

Note: As you advance through years at Hogwarts more things like Titles and Loyalties will open up to you.

The Sorting Hat Rules:

1) You may not use the Internet besides the below site or any Printed Material to gather information about determining your House. Honor System-Go directly to the below site and no where else.

2) Take this quiz: Hogwart’s House Test

Record the numbers listed after each House at the bottom of the test results page.

3) Place the following traits in the order of their importance to you. (Note: The top 3 will be your main traits and this list below is in Alphabetical Order)


4) What House do you prefer to be from?

Email me the results of 2, 3 and 4:

Character Creation

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