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Here are some guidelines for creating a character to attend Hogwart’s in their first year.
Character Creation

After reading the guidelines and emailing me your results I will email back to you which house you will be sorted to. Next you will use the following format to Create a Player Character.
Character Sheet

By highlighting all of the text in the Character Sheet example I provided then selecting COPY, you can then go here: Characters Tab Click on the Create a New Character Button then PASTE all of the copied information into the Description box. Fill in your answers and information and you are done! Be sure to put a check in the Player Character Box because you are a PC or Player Character.

Classes-First Year
Below are the classes and class schedule for a First Year Student at Hogwart’s.
First Bell:8am-9am, Second Bell:9:30am-10:30am, First Lab:11am-12pm, Lunch:12pm-1pm, Third Bell:1pm-2pm Fourth bell:2:30pm-3:30pm, Second Lab: 3:30pm-4:30pm, Fifth Bell:5pm-6pm.
Transfiguration Is held at first bell 8am-9am, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Charms Is held at first bell-Tuesday and Thursday and third bell-Friday.
Potions Is held at second bell-Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Defense against the Dark Arts Is held at second bell-Tuesday and Thursday and Fifth Bell- Friday.
Study hall and Quidditch Practice: Quidditch players are always excused from Study Hall. Study Hall is held Every Day At fourth bell.
Herbology Is held at third bell-Monday and Wednesday and fifth bell-Thursday.
History of Magic and Astronomy Is held at fifth Bell-Monday and third bell-Tuesday and Thursday.
Fifth Bell on Tuesday and Wednesday is reserved for Double Sessions and Special Detention.

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